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Welcome to The Regal Fox, a website showcasing writing on what it’s really like to be a person trying to figure out their life. The fox has a mixed reputation. Is it the handsome and clever figure we see in literature (and on the clothes of quirkily-dressed girls everywhere)? Or is it the scruffy scavenger pawing through your rubbish and making frightening sounds? If you’ve ever driven down a busy road, your mental image of a fox may even equate to a sad bit of roadkill.

We here at The Regal Fox prefer to think of the fox as a (somewhat tenuous) metaphor for life. Sometimes we’re smart, quick and fabulous (our reddy brown coats gleaming in the right light) but at other times, we find ourselves lying on the side of the Highway of Life while the people we follow on Instagram zoom past us.

To keep things interesting for ourselves (and hopefully our readers), contributions will be shaped by regular themes ranging from the seriously silly to the probably profound.

Jess moved to Sydney in 2014 and works as a book publicist. When she’s not reading manuscripts or attending book launches, she is writing nonfiction pieces and the occasional novel. She lives with two housemates and a husky called Willa, whose nickname is actually Wilbur. She once played a tomato in a theatre production.
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Manda is a pop culture nerd with a fondness for red pandas and acquiring more books than she will ever read. A former book publicist and film journalist, she now works in communications in Canberra. She was once mistaken for Jess’ mum.
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