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Step through the doorway

Look at how the universe awaits me –

Stars shooting, burning

Galaxies consuming, merging.

Walk. Float.

White suit. Witness the makeup of the cosmos.

Step. Fall with that star…


Fall onto the clouds

Look at the sky holding me up –

Rain dripping, showering

Clouds cushioning, cotton candy

On pointe. Arabesque.

Tutu. Pirouette on top of the world.

Leap. Drop through the blue…


Drop onto smooth scales

Look at how his body slices through the air –

Wings leathery, beating

Eyes intelligent, old.

Sit. Fly.

Cloak. I’m an explorer of the skies.

Let go. Dive straight…


Dive into the clear waiter

Look at the bubbles keeping me buoyant –

Legs kicking, propelling

Arms pushing, slicing

Flip. Exhale.

Stroke. I own the water.

Turn. Breathe in deeply…


Breathe in the endless expanse

Look at the ever rolling hills –

Grass rustling, swaying

Flowers reaching, spilling.

Dip. Rainbow.

Brush. I paint the world in colour.

Detail. Drift down…


Drift between the soft sheets

Look at the pillow where my head settles –

Imagination expanding, limitless

Wishes overflowing, warming

Sleep. Hope.

Childhood dreams. The future beckons me.

Future. Grow up…


I grow up and it’s a mad world.


Jasmine Chau is a Sydney-based deliverer of IT projects by day; book lover and wanderluster always.
Social Media Links: Twitter @pixelski | Instagram @pixelski





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