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She’s got a crown on, and she’s peering over her sponge-like porous face.

Pink cheeks from powdered beets, and lips glittered with diamonds. 

They have streamers and banners across their small castle. Champagne bottle ego, hopes fragile. 

In white fabric confines, she held a breath—hyper aware of the air missing from her lungs.

Cream-colored cages strapped to her feet sparkle noisily as she walked across the room. 

Pearl necklace strangles her short neck blue dotted line of beauty. 

He is standing at the end of the room, mustache trimmed just right, black suit and a rose in his pocket.

In his hand, there are two rings, two shackles to stop the blood around fingers for a lifetime. 

To new beginnings, they wanted to raise glasses for a toast, but she spotted a golden key. 

Thirty years, she’d hoped for this flash of gold.

When she grabbed it, her caged feet broke free, necklace burst into little beads, and she was alive.

For the first time, she looked in the mirror and saw herself as she was: big colorful loud dragon. 

Soaring, she beats her wings tentatively at first, and then all at once. 

Flying above, she coughs up words, expecting some phlegm for her unused throat. 

And, all she saw was flames, melting ice windows. She flies.

Dina Abdel Hady is an anxious word dragon. She used to create rhyming poems in the bathtub as a child (I know, she’s a dragon. But, it’s a big tub, don’t worry). A fan of all things story-telling, she loves engaging with stories on her BLOG and discussing them. Expect copious amounts of fangirl chattering on the Twitter @ahitsdina and Tumblr @ahitsdina.


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